Wooden bathtub.

MICHOR handmade wooden bathtubs are made of selected hardwood varieties with meticulous attention to detail. Each element is designed and manufactured at MICHOR, Poland in compliance with the highest standards.


Wood is a natural living material that is perfect for solutions that correspond to the house design and taste of individual customers. A wooden bathtub warms up the interior and makes us feel safe and closer to nature in our own house.


Advanced skills and a modern approach to the manufacturing process make us a world leader in the design and implementation of a unique range of products. Each wooden bathtub undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure the highest possible degree of customer satisfaction.

Waterproof and
safe surface

A tested system of wood preservation that is used also for yachts guarantees total water resistance. Each tub is impregnated for 10 days using safe and certified preservatives made from natural ingredients and the process is divided into several stages.

Stable structure

The MICHOR wood-gluing technology is characterised by high form-holding ability even when exposed to changing temperature and humidity conditions. Such structure considerably inhibits the natural expansion and shrinkage of wood.


The MACTAN bathtub has been designed to individual order for a private customer from Italy. It has been made from walnut wood and covered with several layers of wax oil. Dimensions: length 190cm, width 95cm, height 52cm.


The COIBA round bathtub has been made from ash wood. Ash is a very hard wood characterised by high resistance to humidity and offering a variety of colours. Dimensions: length 140cm, height 55cm.


The wood and the glued elements are covered by a five-year warranty. Nonetheless, the applied wood-gluing technology ensures long use of the product over very many years. We do not store our products in a warehouse – each product is made to order.

Countertop washbasin

Realization 2018, private home in Warsaw.

KANO ash

Realization 2018, Cortina d'Ampezzo - hotel

Countertop washbasin

Realization 2018, private home in Cracow

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