100% WOOD

Our products are made from the finest quality varieties of hard European, Asian and African wood. The material used to manufacture a bathtub must have the right structure and a unique look. The wood achieves an optimal structure, moisture content and hardness due to additional seasoning in open air conditions for several years and subsequent proper mechanical drying. The selected wood species from which bathtubs are made are characterised by high resistance to weather conditions.


The manufacturing process starts with the selection of wood that complies with the technical and aesthetic requirements. Only hard and stable wood with a low shrinkage coefficient is suitable for use. The bathtub elements are layered together and then pressed. Wood that has been glued in such way is characterised by high form-holding ability even under varying temperature and humidity conditions. Such structure considerably inhibits the natural expansion and shrinkage of wood. The layers of real wood are glued with a special waterproof adhesive that makes the bathtub totally leak proof.


We protect our products’ surfaces with special wax oils made from natural ingredients to ensure high and natural quality. These preservatives are resistant to dirt and abrasion and are eco-friendly.

The bathtub impregnation system is divided into two stages:

1. The bathtub is coated with several layers of oil, which deeply penetrates the wood structure and protects the bathtub against moisture.
2. Next, a thick covering layer of wax is applied. This exposes the natural characteristics and beauty of wood. The impregnation process takes 10 days.


  • total water resistance — wood impregnation system used for yachts,
  • warm to touch and safe surface,
  • high durability, easy to maintain,
  • safe and attested preservatives made of natural ingredients – OSMO.